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Hunters Sharing the Harvest

Hunters Sharing The Harvest,(HSH), is Pennsylvania’s charitable venison donation program for hunters who share their extra venison via a statewide network of participating butchers to Food Banks across Pennsylvania. HSH participating butchers, who are paid for their services through monetary donations, coordinate the meat deliveries and work with local food banks. The food banks redistribute the venison to more than 4,000 local food assistance provider organizations such as food pantries, missions, homeless shelters, Salvation Army facilities and churches, as well as needy families. Last year there was over 130,000 lbs. of venison donated to the cause which comes out to roughly 650,000 servings!!!

Blue Mt. Chapter is an organizational sponsor (along with 3 other SCI chapters – Lehigh Valley, Delaware Valley & Mason-Dixon).  For additional information or to donate your venison, please contact John Plowman at info@sharedeer.org or visit their web page below.

HSH Website

Blue Bags

SafariCare Bags

When on safari in a remote area, you are the only ambassador representing the hunting community. You arrive to hunt native wildlife. The image you leave is dependent upon the impression you make while visiting. SafariCare is one way to leave a wonderful lasting impression. Giving back to communities is a SCI value.  SafariCare Blue Bags are filled by chapters, individual members, church groups or even groups of schoolchildren or scouts. The contents may include medical, educational, and other relief supplies, or clothing and toys.  The Blue Bag is taken to remote areas of the world by hunters who have planned hunts in these regions. The supplies are delivered directly to villages, clinics, orphanages and schools, doctors, caretakers and teachers to use with people in need.

With generous support from the Bell Family of Midland, TX and a long list of supporters, the SafariCare Blue Bag program has been revitalized and continues to grow.  This year alone, hundreds of hunters have taken Blue Bags to every corner of the globe, sharing the message that “Hunters Give Back.” 

SCI and SCIF, like so many organizations, put forth enormous effort each year to help improve the quality of life throughout the world. To borrow or purchase one or more SCIF blue bags, please contact SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services, Karen Crehan, 520/620-1220, Ext. 231; kcrehan@safariclub.org.

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Blue Bag making a difference in ZULULAND CRÈCHE

A big sign announced that we had arrived at the preschool, commonly known as crèches. Mbuzeli Crèche is named after the local Zulu leader Mbuzeli Mabuyakhulu. The building, constructed of native stone with a corrugated tin roof, looked big and solid compared to the huts we just drove by. It was built in 2007, when Zululand Rhino Reserve responded to a request from the pre-school committee and gathered the funds and labor for the project. 



  A colorful, noisy group ran with us to the end of the village, holding their first toothbrushes and yelling “See you tomorrow!”– Svetlana Craddock